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Jacksonville columnist attacks Gen. Forrest again

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PostPosted:     Post subject: Jacksonville columnist attacks Gen. Forrest again Reply with quote

The infamous Tonya Weathersbee is libeling and slandering Gen. Forrest again, just in time for Memorial Day. Here is the letter I emailed to the paper's publisher:

Dear Mr. Cannon,
The recent column by Ms. Tonya Weathersbee is offensive to me and many thousands of your readers. Her continued verbal assault on the great General Forrest are unwarranted, baseless and disrespectful. Gen. Forrest was an outstanding war hero, a good businessman and worked to promote equality among all people regardless of race, creed or color.
Ms. Weathersbee's accusations about Gen. Forrest' ties to the kkk are based on an old false myth which has been disproved over and over. There was a famous investigation of Gen. Forrest back in 1871 by a US Congressional Committee which found him innocent of all charges. To me, it seems that Ms. Weathersbee's claims that Gen. Forrest was a 'leader of the kkk' are libel and slander, and she should be arrested and prosecuted for her crimes.
The timing of her column attacking Gen. Forrest is very troubling, as this weekend is Memorial Day. The United States honors all its war dead, including Confederate veterans, who were given US Veteran status by Congress. While we are honoring our heritage and our dead heroes, Ms. Weathersbee is spewing verbal excrement upon them. This is the worst offense anyone could do on Memorial Day. My great-great-grandfather fought for the CSA; he survived the war. I am proud of him.
Ms. Weathersbee's column is deeply offensive.
Please, at the very least, remove her column about Gen. Forrest from the online edition and erase it from the archives, and please reprimand Ms. Weathersbee for her failure to check facts and her failure to respect the dead. We must all respect one another's heritage, and we should certainly show proper respect for the US Veterans on this special Memorial Day weekend.
Thank you, sir.

I remain,

Your obedient servant,

Henry Van Slyke

I don't know if anyone has the stomach to read her filth, but you can go to and look in the columnists section if you want to be sickened.
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Reply with quote


I sent her an email, I believe, in regard to the same column, asking the question as to why she continues to lie, as I had sent her references to such once before. "Surprise, surprise, surprise, SGT. Carter" she didn't reply......
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Val Proto

PostPosted:     Post subject: Deceptive Columnist Reply with quote

Perhaps those responding to this individual are taking the wrong tack. Instead of focusing on Forrest, you should focus on the columnist's apparent inability or unwillingness to tell the truth and/or be factual in her writings.

Of course, unlike 'reporters', columnists 'editorialize'; that is, they present their own opinions which, of course, is fine (not for reporters, though). However, it is to be supposed that the columnist's opinions are at least somewhat anchored in fact! If it is anchored in myth or, worse, known falsehood, then the opinion itself should not receive the approval of the newspaper by appearing in print! But if a newspaper is going to print knowingly false or erroneous 'opinion' then it should lose the respect of the reading public and be considered a purveyor of demagoguery and propaganda rather than credible news.

It is that fact that I would bring to the attention of the editors of this rag and point out that they are making the rest of their 'publication' irrelevant and incredible by publishing provably false information couched as 'opinion'. Who knows? We can't influence this babe to be truthful, but maybe her editors can. Heck, it's worth a try!
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Reply with quote

"......they present their own opinions which......"


Are you sure you aren't referring to our court system......?!
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